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Sherie Rainwater, RN

“Recently, I had a surgical procedure on my left knee, it went so well, the next day I went outside and fell. I broke my right hip. ‘This nurse did not follow fall precautions very well’. I thank you so much for coming in that night, I believe that you were not on call. You took me to surgery to repair my hip. I can’t thank you enough for all of your surgical expertise and the excellent care you have given my ‘bones’ over the past few years. You are an outstanding doctor, surgeon, and a remarkable person that I truly admire. Your dedication makes a positive impact on my life, and I’m sure many others too. Thank you for making a difference.”

Ruth Cooper

"I've seen Dr. Kayvanfar several times throughout the past seventeen years. He saved my life by redoing my spine. He's an excellent physician who tells you like it is. He doesn't beat around the bush in any regard. If you do what he says you'll feel much better.
He has a wonderful bed side manner as well as a great sense of humor. He reads your X-rays himself so that nothing is missed.
Anyone who has an orthopedic situation should see Dr Kayvanfar. I refer anyone I know to him. He also helped my grandfather, and if I trust him with her, he must be an excellent Dr. and Surgeon."

Bob Vitti

"Dr Kayvanfar just repaired my torn meniscus and removed some loose cartilage following my 5 week trek to Mt Everest Base Camp in Nepal.
I'm 61 years old and so very impressed by the doctors attention to detail and knowledge of muscular and skeletal mechanics.
Following my surgery, I was up and walking the next day.
Of course I was a little sore in the following weeks; however, fully recovered in a months time and ready to back pack the High Sierras again.
I highly recommend Dr Kayvanfar as a Sports Medicine Surgeon and Miracle Worker. He's very professional and knowledgeable."

Steve Graham

"Dr. K performed a successful Foraminotomy on me when 2 other surgeons from Cedars and SCOI said I should have a spinal fusion.

He saved my life by giving me pain free flexibility back and also provided me superior after care instructions.
A real pro!."

Frank S.

"Dr. Kayvanfar did my partial knee replacement and I was back to normal in 5 weeks! I had a previous knee replacement in 2011 and was back to doing everything within four months, including racquetball and golf. Dr. Kayvanfar and his staff are wonderful!"


"Dr. Kayvanfar gave me my life back!! After struggling for 3 years, and going from doctor to doctor for answers my neurologist sent me to Dr. Kayvanfar.
He was extremely thorough, compassionate, but most of all KNOWLEDGEABLE!!
I had a total hip replacement and for the first time in 3 years I am in no pain and can walk again.
The office staff is wonderful and extremely efficient and my experience with all of them was extremely positive. When my 82year old mother needed a surgeon I recommended Dr. Kayvanfar.

He truly is a life saver.."

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